(CLOSED) Azores Airlines Launch Event - Island Hopping @ LPPD - 182200NOV17

Azores Airlines Launch Event - Island HoppingB0846112-2627-471E-823E-0AD041AC1C61

Server: Training Server 1

Aircraft: Bombardier Dash Q400

Region: Globe

Route: Varies

Airport: LPPD

Time: 2200Z

Day: 18th November 2017

Type: Island Hopping

NOTAM: Hello pilots,welcome to SATA/Azores Airlines launch event. The event will be held at Ponta Delgada and the plane that is going to be used for this event is the Dash Q400.We will be doing island hopping, but 2 pilots go to one island.


TERMINAL 01: @HFP (DEST:Lajes Field [LPLA])
TERMINAL 02: Vacant (DEST:Lajes Field [LPLA])
TERMINAL 03: @Ksisky (DEST:Santa Maria [LPAZ])
TERMINAL 04: Vacant(DEST: Santa Maria [LPAZ])
TERMINAL 05: Vacant(DEST: Pico [LPPI])
TERMINAL 06: Vacant(DEST: Pico [LPPI])
TERMINAL 07: @Manuel_Macedo (DEST: Horta [LPHR])
TERMINAL 08:—(Too close to the other gates)—
TERMINAL 09: Vacant (DEST: Horta [LPHR])
TERMINAL 10: Vacant (DEST: São Jorge)
TERMINAL 11: —(Too close to the other gates)—
TERMINAL 12: Vacant (DEST: São Jorge)

GATE S01: Vacant (DEST:Graciosa [LPGR])
GATE S02: Vacant (DEST:Graciosa [LPGR])
GATE S03: Vacant (DEST:Flores [LPFL])

Overall map of all routes in this event

Take a look at our website

If you want a gate,please reply to this topic.


May I have Gate S01?

Of course, welcome !

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Yes I do have that fleet
And that’s the only (ok, almost…) aircraft I am flying in in the past week 😎

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Thank you for coming up with such a nice event plan! But I probably won’t be able to join you this time. Look forward to flying with you guys in the near future…🛬🛫

No problem, I’ll remove you from the assigned gates. Hope you make it to the next one!

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I’ll take terminal 3 please.

Roger that you have been put in terminal 3. Welcome!

1 hour and 3 minutes till the event

So excited for this event! Glad to see new people are joining.

Nice flight guys! Short flight for me, but I had fun.


Thank you for participating! @Manuel_Macedo and @Ksisky for me it was an enjoyable flight. Hope you guys had fun too! Shame only three of uns participated in this event if there were more people I’d say it would be even more fun.

Share your screenshots too! Please leave feedback about our launch event.

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