[Closed] Ayers Rock Fly-out @ YAYE - 232000ZDEC18

Ayers Rock (Uluru) Fly-out @ YAYE

Event Details

Airport ICAO code: YAYE

Server: Expert

Time and date: 2000Z Sunday, December 23, 2018 8:00 PM

Ayers Rock will have no ATC, make sure you know how to use unicom

Fun Facts

  • Uluru is the native name for Ayers Rock
  • Ayers Rock is the worlds largest rock measuring 1.5 miles wide at it’s widest

Parking Spots

Information needed to put you down, spot, callsign, and if you are in IFGAC, or if your flying GA, I need aircraft and destination as well.

Commercial Gates
Spot User Callsign Aircraft & Destination IFGAC?
Gate 1 @MLG_Man Qantas 717 to YBAS
Gate 2 @hi15td HI15TD Qantas 717 to YBCS
Gate 3 @Cwilliams21 Jetstar A320 to YSSY
Gate 4 Jetstar A320 to YBBN
Gate 5 @Plnelovr Virgin Australia 737 to YSSY
General Aviation

NOTE: No Cessna Citation X Allowed except in GA Ramp 16

Spot User Callsign Aircraft & Destination IFGAC?
GA Ramp 01 @JerseyAnt G-JER08 TBM930 to YPPF
GA Ramp 02 @TYTY TBM930 to YPAD
GA Ramp 03
GA Ramp 05
GA Ramp 06
GA Ramp 07
GA Ramp 08
GA Ramp 09
GA Ramp 10
GA Ramp 11
GA Ramp 12
GA Ramp 13
GA Ramp 14
GA Ramp 15
GA Ramp 16 @Balloonchaser BCHASER C750 to YBAS

Once filled, there is no more space.

This event is partnered with: Infinite Flight General Aviation Club (IFGAC)

This event is happy to be partnered with the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is Infinite Flights largest and ONLY GA Club with over 130 active members!

Check Them Out Here: The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey



Give me a commercial gate please

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Which one?




Gate 1 maybe

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You have gate 1

Can I take GA ramp 1 in the TBM heading to YPPF using callsign G-JER08. I’m not part of the IFGAC.

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Sure, I’ll add you in

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Thanks mate. Cool event brings back memories from when I went to Uluru back in 2010

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could i join

Yes, anyone can join.

What is the limit on the GA Aircraft size?

Any GA aircraft but a C750 except for GA Ramo 16

C750 to PHLI and I am in the IFGAC

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Ill take the Virgin to Sydney, I am not on IFGAC

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Ima do gate one, ccx, to yppd, like i already said

I’m sorry but the commercial gates are limited to aircraft and routes that are actually flown, so I am unable to do that.
@Luke_Sta and @Plnelovr you will be added

am i good?

You can remain in Gate 1 with QantasLink 717 service to Alice Springs, or you can swap to another GA Ramp, with a CCX, as that stand is going to be taken.

yeah i can do that