(Closed) Aviationluver's ATC Tracking thread

Hey everyone,
This is my tracking thread for ATC operations. I am still undecided if I want to go for a IFATC slot, but I definitly am looking to do more comtrolling on playground to keep my skills up to scratch. Maybe, if time allows, I will pursue the IFATC priviledge.

Every time I open an airport, I will notify down below and also change the title :)


I’ll be there soon! American 127

Overall, not too bad.

I have a question for you, though… is there a reason you wouldn’t let me switch to runway 07R for touch and goes when I requested it?

Also, when I report “American 127 is on left downwind runway 07, full stop,” you can issue me a landing clearance, rather than clearing me for the option. It’s not really a MUST, but it makes more sense :P

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the feedback!

I didn’t let you land on 07R, because in real life it’s not in operation and also there weren’t too many aircraft on 07L, in order to justify you switching to 07R.

Sorry about that last one. I wasn’t paying too much attention.

I hope you enjoyed :)

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Wasn’t aware it wasn’t in use in real life. Great attention to detail!


CYOW is now open on the Training Server!

I am opening now at CYOW (Ottawa Macdonald Cartier Int’l Airport) on Training Server.

Please help me towards IFATC! :)

EDIT: Tower is now closed

Are you open or closed? A few minutes open doesn’t give anyone a good opportunity to come by and exercise patterns for your training. Try to set aside 30 minutes to an hour to get some pilots there. Kind Regards, Chris


It’s closed now. I will make sure to leave more time when I control again.


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