(CLOSED) Avalon Airshow @ YMAV - 010300ZMAR19

This is my first event I am organising. A bit of background story of Avalon airshow. Avalon airshow is an event that happens every few years and of which is the biggest airshow in Australia and Oceania. I decided to make this event as this year is the first year that I will be going. With this said, I will not be able to use Infinite Flight for a lot of the event on IF as I will be at the actual airshow but I will be posting photos (of course). Avalon airport is a smaller GA and commercial airport in Melbourne of which serves a few airlines to and from Sydney and other smaller airports. During the Avalon airshow, however, aircraft that come to this event include RAAD, RAF, USAF, An-124 and many others. Please comment your IF callsign and aircraft ID if you wish to participate in this event as space at and near the airport will be limited.
Server: Training and casual

Airport: YMAV

Time and Date: *start - 01/03/19 at 0300Z and finishes - 03/03/19 at 0700Z


  • No GA aircraft

  • No commercial/airline flights (you can fly in between YMAL and the surrounding airports in Melbourne but no other airports)

  • No aircraft larger than an A330 (this does not restrict A330s)

  • Aircraft that air suggested include and fighter jets, special aircraft (e.g. fire bomber), military aircraft,

Other info

  • Pattern work is allowed

What server?

Training AND expert? What does that mean? You’ll divide?

I have changed it to training so I can do the ATC, however if I can pass my practical expert ATC test before the event then I will change it to Expert.

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Sounds interesting, the only issue is doing aerobatics within the vicinity of the airport on training server gets you ghosted. Wouldn’t it be better on casual server?

I have now fixed up the sever problem, there is no be no more mentioning of servers!

Just my luck… ATC Schedule • 25 Feb-3 Mar 19

Please correct your title, it should only include the starting time.

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Sorry but I disagree, I think people need to know the start and finished date of the event before knowing any other details.

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