[CLOSED] AustralianFlyer's ATC Tracking Thread

I’m open at YSCB! Come down and give me feedback! Practicing for IFATC. :D

EDIT: Closed, thanks to some of you who attended.


Spawning in right now 🙂

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That was a very eventful session…
Alright, I have mostly good things to say, but there are a few things I picked up on that you need to work on.

  1. On my first pattern, you didn’t tell me what downwind to enter/runway - how am I supposed to know what direction to head if I don’t know which way to go?
  2. On my second pattern and all the other patterns after that, you cleared me for the option and said “make right/left traffic” - this is not necessary as I already know what pattern I have to do from the previous one. Only use this if you are going to direct me to a different direction/runway. Next time just say “cleared for the option”
  3. You cleared @QantasAviator for takeoff as I was passing over the runways threshold - (your finger might have slipped, it happens to me too) even if this was an accident, just be mindful of that
  4. I liked the use of the command “I’ll call your base”, when QantasAviator was right next to me on short final, don’t be afraid to use the command “Go around”
  5. and a more serious one, I stated on my last pattern I am “on right downwind, full stop”. You cleared me for the option. Then I said that I was inbound for landing and you replied with “Your already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports”. Now when someone says “full stop” it means they are inbound for a full stop landing (where they will be coming to a stop and exiting the runway). If I were to say “downwind for touch and go” however, that is when you clear me for the option.

You did really well tonight, and I think you have a lot of potential. I’d like to see you control at a bigger airport with more traffic next time 🙂
Get this down pat and you’ll be on your way to IFATC in no time!

Sorry about that, I assumed it meant the runway you were taking off from “make right traffic” would make sense.

Didn’t know that, thanks.

Right on, finger slipped as my bird (tried) to land on my iPad.

Thanks, I’ll use go around when someone’s on final right on your tail. :)

Sorry didn’t notice that. I was a bit sick of (and trying to handle) QantasAviator’s trolling.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciate it. :)

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