[CLOSED] *AtcLewis* adcanced test today! need pilots to fly pattern!

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London

Airport: EGBB

Time: 11:00z

NOTAM: pattern work/touch and goes needed if you guys could come help me out before my test it’d be appreciated!! Thanks! Keep flying guys!


Finally! You’ll pass easy buddy! Your better than lots of Advanced ATC when you do approach…

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Cheers dude!! Can you make it?

I’m taking mine today hopefully if @anon66442947 responds -.-

Not sure. I’ll try though!

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Cool bro hope you pass! I’m waiting for him too I think it’s abit early :p

Aha, okay. I hope I pass, last time when I was tested they all dropped dead like flies, so they have to retest me. I got pattern work all sorted!

Haha yeah that’s usually the case but practice makes perfect ey just gotta keep cool :)

I didn’t fail, they just lost connection :P

Can you change the region please? Then I can come to help and judge you :D. Hope you pass

:p that sucks dude I’ve had it a few times where I’m controlling approach and suddenly the aircraft disappears and then reappears due to bad connections

This guys at his best in London.

Damn, I’m tempted to buy London rather than a Aircarft, because it’s so popular on advance

I’m coming mate your the best ATC around

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I’m at my best at Seattle! :D

Because if it isn’t Boeing, I ain’t going.

NOTE: this was just for emphasis, I actually like Airbus too.


Well worth it!

Dam I have to wait 2 hours :(

Seattle is too, especially when I control it in future!

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Ah how I remember the times when you had all those A330 pics in your profile!

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I hear that the London region is very big compared to the others.