[CLOSED] ATC @ YSSY, YSCB // Playground Server // 16:00 Zulu Time

YSSY (Sydney) and YSCB (Canberra) are open on Playground at 16:00 Zulu Time!

YSSY: @B767fan

Make sure to hop in for a flight or two!

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I’m coming

do we have TSK flights in this region?

I’ll be in gate c23 flying in a319 air china

Use Zello for ground and Tower, it’s better

No. This is classic ATC.

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I know :) looking forward to flight

Plz no one Park in same gate as me

Captain wna soon copy my flight plan?

Opening now @B767fan !

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I am here. From wsss to wmkk

Nnaaaaaaaaahhh somebody already opened there >:(

No one Park in c23

You’re the CEO, you should actually know that

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Joining now mate.

Someone has knicked the ground n tower

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I know, waiting now until he leaves

Yeah anyone wana copy my flight plan

We are gonna do Sydney instead. I’m Sydney, @BavariaAVIATION is Canberra.