[CLOSED] ATC @ YSSY TS1 Patternwork Accepted

Come fly at YSSY TS1!

Current conditions: WIND 050 @ 22knots, so currently Runway 07 will be active due to more then 20knot crosswinds. Expect changes.

Moderate Turbulance below 5000ft

APP & DEP active but I have no coms with them.


I gotta know - how many people trawl the forum, read a post like this, and think “finally, a traffic controller on playground! and look: she even gave us atis.”

Just seems like if you wanted to fly somewhere, you’d already be looking for the place and would go do it. Oh well, see you in 2 minutes…


IFATC watch for it.

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What was your call sign?

I don’t understand your post. Are you happy she said she was online or not?.. :) or :(

I think he was happy with the fact she gave atis info

I was, and forever shall be N501RD. You may remember me as the blue angles c130 that did his final approach vertically the second time.

I genuinely didn’t/don’t know why people post on the forum, telling others that they’re acting as ATC. Seems like unless you’re sitting around waiting for a specific person be ATC, these kinda posts shouldn’t draw a crowd. I’m not happy that people announce their controlling activity, nor am I unhappy. The ATIS thing is a nice touch, but not necessary.

No emotion or value judgement attached - just nonunderstanding.

Haha why choose myself to post on then? Plenty of people do this. Go vent somewhere else lol.


I am not sure why @Sam_Keast posts her ATC work here in the forum but I can say that I do and many others do because we are training to become IFATC and we are looking for feedback… that’s basically it :).


I think you answered your own comment.

Because people DO like to know who is controlling when and where. I look out for specific controllers who I know can do great work, and I also like flying when someone is practicing atc.
If you just look on the location list on the app it doesn’t say who is actually controlling. Just where.
Having people advertising where they control adds a personal touch and makes constructive feedback easier… In my opinion. Also shows they are serious. It’s a lottery on the training server with ATC. But if someone has made the effort to advertise on the forum it probably means they made the effort to read the tutorials😁
Each to their own.


I didn’t think of that. Good to know :)

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I didn’t think of that either. Thanks to you, too.

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