CLOSED ATC @ YSSY (Sydney) TS IFATC Practice

Hey guys I’ll be active on ground and tower at EDDL want to do some practice for IFATC. Feel free to come by and leave some feedback! 👍

EDDF is not Duesseldorf!

EDDF = Frankfurt Main = FRA

EDDL = Duesseldorf = DUS

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thank you for bringing the typo to my attention!! im open at EDDL though!

Hello, I was Lufthansa 228 in the A320.
I have only 1 complaint:
I requested taxi to 23L, and you told me to hold short when I should’ve given a taxi clearance.

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We are in Dusseldorf, Germany, eh?
You told me to contact INCHEON UNICOM which is RKSI airport in SOUTH KOREA!!! On the other side of the world!!!


Well all feedback is welcome thank you so much. I will keep that in mind

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I had a grade 4 and grade 5 do pattern work at EDDL, i was hoping for their feedback :( anyways ill be practicing again soon!

Hey everyone im open @ YSSY tower, doing some practice for IFATC, feel free to come on down and leave some feedback itll be much appreciated! :)

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Nice work, I’ll be sending you a PM :)


so the game kind of crashed and a fellow atc is operating ground & tower at YSSY, ill be on again soon!

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