[Closed] ATC @WSSS on PG server

Hello!! Im on pg as tower and ground at wsss singapore. Im looking to practice, will be on about 30min or an hr. Feedback is welcomed

Alright, lets see what ya got

American 14 heavy :)

  1. Give aircraft pattern instructions first before clearing them to land. Example American 14 heavy enter left/right downind rwy [xxx], then clear them to land after.

  2. use line up and wait to help expedite departures. but don’t use it if its not necessary. if there is not conflicting traffic, clear them for takeoff right away

other then that, it was good. Was hoping there would be a lot of traffic so I could see if you know
how to sequence.


Thanks for the feedback bluebird, i was hoping for more traffic too but also reluctant after encountering the taxi problem. I didnt know what could be done like earlier when you taxi straight without making a left turn for rwy 02c.

Regarding pointer 1, should i issue the “enter right downwind” while you were still departing and climbing? Or is it alright if i issued even when you were in right downwind?

I’ll take note of pointer 2, though im always fearful the aircraft I’ve cleared to takeoff stays on the runway too long and others would need a go around. Though none of these happened this time, I’ll take note to use better judgement with this command.

Wsss may not be very known to many and might be confusing for some people as well. Resulting in the first point i raised about not knowing how to handle the situation.

I think, I’ll go for a single rwy airport in southern california due to the traffic of people there. But downside being that i will face more players who dont listen.

On the other hand, i find it confusing to handle most “remaining in the pattern” for PG. I think most people mistake remaining in the pattern for remaining in their flightplan.

Its a mini surprising moment for me everytime they dont turn when asked to enter downwind and they acknowledged me but continue to fly ahead, only to find their flight plan to be this small white line on their destination airport xD

Nonetheless, thanks for giving the general feedback even though traffic is low. At least i know what small pointers im doing right, wrong or okay ^_^

I was actually scrolling through the forum and wasn’t watching where I was taxiing lol.

What I mean’t to say for this type of situation is like when I requested a runway change, don’t immediately clear me to land, tell me to ender the downwind/base for the rwy then clear me to land after. Pattern instruction and sequence, then clear to land

Thats the thing with pilots on PG. The unfortunate reality is some pilots do not know the difference between departing straight out and remaining in the pattern.

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Missed it :/

Alright got it.

If i have the time for a longer session tomorrow I’ll practice some more =)