[Closed] ATC TS2 - Sydney - 211900ZOCT16

Day: Friday
Time: 1900Z
Region: Sydney, Australia.
YSSY Tower - Ground: @AdamCallow - Approach @Boodz_G
YSCB Tower - Ground: @Matt_Elphick
YSRI Tower - Ground: @Hari_Sims
Duration of ATC time: One hour

If you have a complaint, please PM me or @SkyHighGuys with what happened (including screenshots of incident).


I’m coming.


Bummer, I’ll just be starting my work shift. Hopefully I’ll catch you all another time, I’d love to fly with you guys.


Great !! Be good to have you :)


i am from the netherlands how far away am i from zulu time netherlands is GMT+2

Zulu is the same as GMT. So it will be 9:00 your time

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yeah but i am GMT+2

See my edit

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ok thnx i will be there!

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i woukd love to come can i also do atc?

You have to pass a test to get in, contact @Boodz_G

so it starts in 30min?

No, it’s on Friday.

Come and fly today!

I have too bad memories 😅

This time you won’t be vectored into a mountain.

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Don’t worry

  1. I’m not on approach

  2. All goats have been removed from the Sydney area

  3. I have watched all the ATC vids at least 3 times

  4. I have passed the IFATC Written test now.


Come now please

Winds at YSSY are 180degrees 20kts gusting 30kts

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We’re live now :)

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