[Closed] ATC TS1 @TNCM 20-30 Mins

Logging on to Tower Looking for pilots and feedback!! @chris_s plz come If your available… Won’t reply on here using this deceive for ATC

Ill come for a bit.

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Thanks you!! Have you got any feedback?? Nice skills

I have lots.

Let me type it up

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I’m scared 😳

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  • Wait till I request takeoff so you know what I’m doing

  • Don’t tell me to enter the pattern when I’m in it

  • Don’t tell me to transmit important messages only when I’m giving position reports. (Clear me and I will stop)

  • No need to keep saying make left traffic after each option clearance

  • No sequencing at all

However good job with the go around.


I didn’t think there was need for sequencing there was never more than 1 aircraft in the pattern in the air, in sure I used it a bit at the start just to sort arivals but after that there was no need… The pattern enter command was a mistake I made at the start admittedly. I need to work on pattern sequencing I’m aware. All in All thanks for the feedback

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Sequencing is always required if there is other inbound aircraft. Either it’s the sequencing command or other pattern instructions like calling base.


Sorry traveling with family this week.

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Okay… No worries

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