[Closed] ATC TS 2 - San Francisco - 062000ZOCT16

Day: Thursday
Time: 2000Z
Region: San Francisco
KSFO Tower - Ground: @AdamCallow
KLVK Tower - Ground: @Boodz_G
Duration of ATC: One hour

If you have a complaint, please PM me or @SkyHighGuys with what happened (including screenshots of incident).


Yep always wanted to be collateral damage 😂. So what you waiting for peeps make sure you hop into that aircraft and come fly for us. Love to have you

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Lucking forward to this. Come along and experience some good ATC!

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How’s it going there?

IMO, you should open the same region as IFATC.

We will ATC in two hours.

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10 minutes

Come and fly !

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Come and join.

Its lonely in KSFO tower

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Anyone else wants to join ?

I would but I’m waiting on a phone call! If you’re still on in a bit I’ll join.

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