(CLOSED) ATC Training Server 1 @ KVCV, Southern California

Come by for some patternwork :)

RWY 03 for landing
RWY 35 for taking off

I’ll be working right traffic

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See you there in a 737.

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Okay :)

See you

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see you their in a SR22 or 172

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Ok. Right traffic please.

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On my way !

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Okay! See you there


I lied, I’m the United Dash 8.

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aw man my phone died im charging it up and coming back

okay… I’ll be here

Would you like public or private feedback?

I’ll take public

Jeffrey1o2, I was QantasLink 99 21. Only just seen this page so hence I kept calling in for touch and go waiting for my “cleared for the option” not “cleared to land”. I’m not taxing all the way back to the other runway to take off lol. But that’s what you guys wanna do! :) one thing I will mention was the “maintain safe distance call” wasn’t needed there was plenty of distance. Have a good one!

Oh ok I’m sorry. I did not know the difference between cleared for option and clear for landing. The safe distance I just wanted to be sure. It was hard to see from the ATC camera angle and my free cam wasn’t working. Thanks for the feedback! Have a great day :)


Speedbird 2 here,

A few things:

-No sequencing.
-You told the aircraft that was 1nm behind me to “maintain best forward speed”
-You told me to exit runway when able , when I was 4nm away. This happened twice.
-You didn’t clear me for the option in my first T&G nor did you give me clearance to land at the same time.

You show potential , but just need to work on it thou … ☺️

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Thanks. Yea I didn’t know the difference in cleared to land and cleared for option. It’s some minor detail that I have to work on. And I didn’t know there is no sequencing, so now I know. Thank you very much, have good day :)

TL;DR: You have a longs ways to go.

  • You had me change runways after I took off for no reason. If you are going to have me land on Rnw 03, have me taxi to 03, not 35. All it does is make my life difficult. When I landed, you also had me taxi back to runway 35, and the process was repeated.
  • You didn’t have to call my base. Calling someone’s base is to create spacing, and for the most part, none was needed. Also, when you did call my base, it was WAY too early. I almost crashed.
  • I wanted to do touch and goes, thus “remaining in the pattern”. If you aren’t sure what I pilot wants, clear for the option.

Don’t let my review discourage you. Message me if you ever have a question or want to practice. :)

Thanks bud , let me know when you open a tower again and I will come along ! You will be a good controller in no time, it just takes practice 😎…

Maybe some practicing tomorrow would be fine. I’m sorry I haven’t really looked into ATC as I prefer to fly than control. I just don’t know some minor detail like calling base. If you saw a bit up, I didn’t know the difference between ‘Cleared for the option’ and ‘Cleared to land’. I have to work on it surely. Thanks for the feedback :)

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I will possibly do tomorrow or friday… can you dm me on instagram…? my link is in my profile

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