[CLOSED] ATC Training @ PHOG TS1

Looked good for the most part. Just a few things. 1 no need to say “enter left downwind” because the aircraft is remaining in the pattern so it’s already assumed. 2. No need to clear an aircraft twice, just resequence if needed. 3. Unless the pattern direction is changing you can just clear them for the option without specifying a traffic direction.


Holy crap these winds…

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Who was in the 208?


Was really struggling in the ERJ195

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Is he still active? Which server?

Training server

Okay. Heading out now

Closing in 3 minutes.

Good job. Didn’t get to take off but great.

Weather was badasssss

Yeah I was in a Q-400. Aborted my first landing and crashed on the second 😂

You’re ground awareness was great.


I’m so sorry for that. I was hoping to get all of you off of the ground prior to leaving, then I sent the wrong message. I meant to say closing in one minute, but once I hit “now closed” I didn’t want to cause any further confusion.

Thank you! Tyler’s video came in handy with that.

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