[CLOSED] ATC Training @ PHOG TS1

Hello again! Feel free to come out to the currently deserted Hawaii region on TS1. I need a lot of ATC practice and I can’t do it without you. Thanks in advance and as always I’m open to any feedback, positive or negative.


On my way may be rusty, though. lol!

Come on out man, all are welcome.

Any plane you’d like me in? Doesn’t matter.

Whichever you choose, I need practice controlling all of them, lol

On my way, I’ll be in a 737-800 Callsign: Carribean 22

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Are you ground or tower?

Both at the moment

I gotta get a larger plane these winds!!!

I was trying to find the message that you don’t need to ask me for frequency change, sorry for the delay

You guys doing pattern work, please make your patterns larger for better spacing.

Who’s that Hawaiian?

Man these winds X_X…

Looks like they’re some pretty fun winds! Sustained 21 gusting to 35, yikes.

That’s fine!

They were treacherous!

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Ok, will do next time!😎

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The only downside I found to your controlling was you didn’t let us use rwy 05 (why not?) other than that pretty good😎 Maybe consider using an airport with just one runway🙃

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I decided right away to use RWY 02 for weather and length. I didn’t want to have multiple planes doing pattern work with intersecting runways. I apologize, there was a couple of people wanting RWY 5. If you were departing the airspace I would’ve cleared it when able.

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Wind safe enought for a 717?