[Closed] ATC Training @ KFLL

Let’s do it again (after weeks of absence)! I would like to practice my ATC skills, details below:

Server: Training Server
Region: South Florida
Airport: KFLL
Time: August 29th, 18:30 - 19:30 Zulu

Serious pilots as well as feedback afterwards are highly appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by.


NLS117 Inbound for touch and goes

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Ah, connectivity issues, might not be able to make it.

I am online, take your time. There is enough room
for you. No other planes here at the moment.

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Some feedback:

When I said I was inbound for landing, you cleared me for the option. You should’ve just cleared me to land.

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Actually “cleard for the option” includes everything - touch & go, full stop, flyover, etc. but I get your point. “Cleared to land” would be more appropriate here. Thank you for your feedback!

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I didn’t say I was coming in for touch and go. If I specifically say landing, you need to clear me for a landing.

I am not sure, if “cleared for the option” would be okay as well.
Maybe @Tyler_Shelton can clarify it? No offense, just want to know it.

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This is incorrect. The option includes a full stop, touch and go, stop and go and low approach. You can clear an aircraft for the option if you’re unsure of intention.

Personally, if you’re cleared for the option, then report your position with “full stop” I’ll simply respond with “roger” because I’ve already cleared you to land or any other type landing you want.


Thanks a lot for the explanation.

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