[Closed] ATC Training @ KFLL

Let’s do it again! I would like to practice my ATC skills, details below:

Server: Training Server
Region: South Florida
Airport: KFLL
Time: March 29th, 18:00 - 19:00 Zulu

Serious pilots as well as feedback afterwards are highly appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by.


Notify me at 1755Z, I will see if I can attend.

Tag me as well, Ill see if I can make it

Great, thanks! I’ll let you know when I’m online.

I’ll show up if im not asleep already xD

@dush19 @AdamCallow @Yunkeru - I am online now!

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Coming! Good luck hope no rule breakers come

Please, would be great to have session without such guys.

Wow, great work, You should really think about joining IFATC if you meet the requirements , If you have any questions just PM me .

Only issues I saw was:

  • Told an aircraft to stay on freq when there was not really much point in them staying on
  • Cleared me twice

Nothing major.

//IFATC Adam Callow

@AdamCallow, thank you very much for stopping by and your feedback. I didn’t realized that I cleared you twice. I apologize for that! As for the frequence change, the aircraft was in my airspace and when I saw it was above 5.000ft I issued the frequency change. I thought as long as they are below this height and in my airspace, they have to be on my frequency. Guess I am wrong?

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If they are departing the airspace then you can tell them to change freq as soon as you want

Okay, will keep it in mind for the next session. Thank you!

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