[CLOSED] ATC training help - EGCC (Manchester)

Hello all,

I’d like to get some feedback if possible, I’m open and controlling EGCC ground and tower, pop by and let me know how I do! Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

Coming in for pattern work



I think what you’re looking for is a tracking thread. Here’s an example:

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Very good job!
There wasn’t much traffic but all the instructions were correctly given in the right time, if your goal is to be IFATC then if you perform like this on your practical test with a few more aircraft it’s a easy pass!

Feel free to ask questions if you have any. Looking forward to see you aboard the IFATC Team!

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Yes absolutely, sorry I’ll do that next time!

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Thanks for the feedback! I still don’t know how that aeroflot managed to check in 100nm away 😂 I’ll give the test a go for sure!

Also sorry to those who just checked in, my phone crashed, decided to leave it closed

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Haha basic TS madness.

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