[CLOSED] ATC Training Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) TS1

Good evening community,
I’m having my practical soon and I want to work on my pattern work as you can’t really do that on TSI because people have no idea what they’re doing.

I’m opening in 5 minutes, so come along and test me if you’re a good and qualified pilot.

Please do Transitions, Touch and go, go arounds and so on!

See you soon!

Captain Obvious

Some feedback from Southwest 734:

•You don’t always need to tell " number 1 cleared for the option, after the option make left/right traffic"this is only used when I am changing directions or when I request a runway change.

I would also recommend that if you want to become an IFATC to watch all tutorials of ATC on the Infinite Flight channel and hope to see you in the future controlling in the expert skies!

No, you need 1,000 minimum IFR clearance for transitions. With patterns being 500 for piston, 1000 for props and 1500 for jets that means 2500/3000 will be most suitable

In IFATC we suggest to be not less then 3000 ft AGL


Hes suggesting transition at pattern altitude, which is the exact opposite of what should be done.

Thanks to everyone contending!
Thanks Southwest! I thought I had to clear you for the option every time you took off again… this is really helpful. So I just let you proceed on course if you’re but number 1 and do say anything?

And to the transition thing. I asked Tyler a few days ago and he said anything between 2500 and 4000 AGL is fine.

And another question. One of you told me he’s on final full stop. I just said roger but he clearly told me that that was wrong by saying correction, stand by and said full stop again.
What am I supposed to say?

That seems really low for a regular pattern. My instructor usually has be in the 1500 to 2000 range for patterns. Also, no aircraft should ever be transitioning an airspace through a pattern, but above.

Youve misunderstood southwest slightly, you do need to clear for option every time but you don’t need to say “make right/left traffic” as this was issued in the take off command (or first clearance for planes coming from other airports then entering pattern", so after the first time just say “number x, cleared for the option runway xx”. If you change traffic direction for whatever reason you will attach the new traffic direction. For the full stop correction, maybe he changed the position or runway he reported?

Ye, normally all planes will go >1000 but those are the minimums I believe. I understand you need to transition above I was telling the other person that

We are not speaking about real life , we are speaking about infinite flight

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Thanks, I was told by someone that transition altitude were those. Sorry for the confusion

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Thanks for the explanation, this makes sense now.
He was not changing positions or runways or anything… it was strange.
So what do I stick with in terms of transition altitude, if AGL=MSL?
I’m really trying my hardest to become an IFATC controller soon💪🏼

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I’m not 100% sure I undestand you?..

What is the altitude I should send the aircraft going through my airspace? I’ve seen a lot of different opinions now.
Obviously above the pattern altitude. So should I stick with 3000?

3,000 is a good altitude, you want 1,000 separation
Useful links here (discussion) and here (video)


There’s no set number.

As low (but typically not below 2500 AGL) as you can bring them through while maintaining proper vertical separation above your pattern traffic.

If your pattern traffic is a Cessna at 1000 feet, that’s different than two jets at 2000.


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