(CLOSED) ATC Training for IFATC (TS1) - KFLL (SoFlo) - Now (CLOSED)

Please Come Fly Arrivals, Departures, Pattern Work etc. I’m practicing for IFATC. Direct Message me and please give me any suggestions or corrections to my ATC services as I am in the process of wanting to become IFATC and want to improve my skills and make sure I am ready for testing in the near future.

Come along. THANK YOU!!


The ATC controller name is twocflyer

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I’m still open, please comment if you see anything i need to work on, Thank you

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I disconnected because my cirrus likes to do runway donuts in strong wind conditions, but overall, you were a decent controller. However, there was no need to tell me to enter right downwind, as I stated I was staying in the pattern when I took off.

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Right after i sent that, I was like why did i just sent that. Haha. So i was just sayclearn to land correct?

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You still open @Twocflyer

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Sure why not, was about to close, but ill stay open

Clear for the option or to land. Most controllers say it on after the plane has reached midfield.

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Roger. Thank you!!!

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I’m coming

Callsign: N-90D

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Thanks to all who showed up! That was great practice for me. And to those who gave advice on or off the forum, thank yoU!!! Can’t wait to became IFATC!!

Ok so you did great except when the pilot asks for remaining in the pattern at takeoff, no need to give them a pattern instruction. Just sequence them and clear when necessary. (What you told me: Enter right downwind runway 10R, Number #, traffic to follow is on (whatever). What you should have told me was that but without the Enter right downwind runway 10R. So it should’ve looked like Number #, traffic to follow is on (whatever). You did a great job but if you plan to join IFATC they may be picky with that.

See you in the skies!


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I have now closed KFLL TS1, It’s been 2 hours since i started. I will come back more in the near future.

There were a couple that i asked to make right traffics after being cleared to land, and they went left instead. How do you respond to that? And thank you for that. The only time I would use pattern instructions after take off for pattern work is if I want them to change runways correct? @SF34

You can’t do anything about that. You are not if full control of their airplane. They are not listening and don’t pay attention. remember, we’re on TS1

Yes that is correct.


Very true. Thanks for all the help and advice. Exactly what i needed!!!

I have re opened this 10 May 2017 @ 2130Z

ATC name twocflyer.

Come and fly, do pattern work, depart, arrive. Etc. let me practice ATC control. Please PM me for suggestion or critique. TY!


coming to KFLL now.
will give some feedback in a PM

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Awesome. Ty. It’s quiet here. 😂

Again, no pattern entry needed when I request remaining in th pattern. No need to tell me to enter right downwind

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