(Closed) ATC Training @ EGVA

Feel free to come and fly in/out of fairford, or do some pattern work

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Alrighty, I haven’t done this in awhile so I shall be a bit rusty.

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Alright it’s ok, not too much traffic so you will have quite a lot of room for error😉

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Alrighty, on my way.

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I’ll be there.

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Any reason you told me to hold short when I spawned in? O_o

Edit: What is the active runway?

What region are is this again, and what aircraft do you want me in?

27, and my bad, I thought you we’re taxiing.

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London, any any aircraft you want

I don’t own London, dang it.

Ah right. That’s a shame 😞

It’s the only region I don’t have. Lol!

What are the odds😂 my first bought region

Lol. Alright well, you guys have fun flying. If you guys go to another region tell me.

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Please don’t tell me to line up and wait when I haven’t requested takeoff.

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