[Closed] ATC Training @ EGLC (TS Global)

I’m practicing to become an ifatc on expert so I would appreciate some feedback .
I’m doing ground and tower for about 30 minutes in eglc

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Changed it sorry about that

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It is alright. 😉 No worries.

Do you want to come to do patterns

I’m sorry I can’t I’m in the middle of a flight, but if you want you can control EGLC in like an hour and 45 minutes

Could you please elaborate your post a bit more. When are you controlling? What frequencies are you taking over? Give a bit information so the pilot knows what he expects when he has its first contact with you ;) Maybe also say how much you will be active for!
Sadly for me I wont be able to attend as I am working but maybe another day this will be possible for me.


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Thanks I changed it right now

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You did really well, all of your commands were correct. Two points though,

  • Keep aircraft characteristics in mind. Certain aircraft can get airborne much faster. You could’ve easily cleared the C208 for takeoff as I still had a long way to go.
  • You don’t need to tell me to make right traffic every time I’m on right downwind. Just clear me for the option. You only have to mention which side I should turn in two scanrios, one, when I’m getting airborne for the first time, two, If for whatever reason you want me to make left traffic after my touch and go, just clear me for the option with left traffic and then subsequently you’ll only have to clear me for the option again, unless you want to switch me to right traffic.

Overall well done. All the best for your IFATC pursuit.

PS. Excuse my horrible landings, the SR22 is just too light and susceptible to the slightest of winds.



Thanks you so much for the feedback!! About the c208 I only tought about it when it was too late to clear him for takeoff


I’m offline now might be doing atc later

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I’m doing atc now for 30minutes on ts1

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