Will be there next two hours…


Hey man good controlling.

Only 2 things.

Firstly, not such an issue because it was quiet but you gave Misha a sequence to follow me, you said follow aircraft on left downwind. By that time I was full established on left base. So follow traffic on left base is the one you want there.

Secondly my exit Runway command was way to early! I was still 0.9nm out from the runway threshold when you gave it to me. The best time is after touchdown and the aircraft has slowed to about 60kts.

Other than that. Good job!

Nice work at EGKK!
I was the Cirrus SR22 wich was doing pattern work :)

On thing: You gave me the command “Exit runway when able exc. …” when I had not yet touched the runway! All the rest was good!


Thanks for feedback. Yes, I notice that he is on base when finish “writing” instruction.

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Sorry Mattia, maybe once I forgot to clear you for the option, but I had an idiot on final 8R in oposite direction and you were doing short and quick touch & goes…
Thanks for feedback

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