Come and join. I’ll be controlling for about an hour.

NOTE:Runway 08L/26R will not be used, also follow instructions.


Call sign Croatia 1
I don’t know what was wrong that I get Please follow instruction after take off? You said make right traffic and I did.
On exit rnw, I prefer Exit rnw right, cross rnw 26R, but if you like to use 26R for back taxi this is good… I am not an IFATC so please check if this is correct.

sorry i got a little confused on patterns thanks for coming

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App crashed and now there’s someone in tower, thanks for coming.

Some feedbacks :

  • When I was doing my 2nd attempt to land, I think you can clear me 1st to land as the gap between the 777 and the runway is quite long instead of making me follow the traffic which is on left base
  • Trust your pilots more (Quoting @Sam_Keast ) next time. Pattern Instruction such as “Turn Base” and “Ill call your base”. Just leave it to the pilots to keep in eye with the distance 😊

I think thats all. Besides that It was a good controlling 😆

I can see some planes entering runway without clearance making inbound planes have to go around. Although you dealt with the situation correctly 😊


Sorry for some flaws I had a guy spamming me on frequency while on Ground, that distracted me a bit, Thanks for coming. Also had fear that some of the pilots would turn around too soon or late, some of those do.Also did a mistake that I cleared a plane to take-off and realized that it he took a lot of time so canceled his take-off clearance but he didin’t care and continued.

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Re-opened for ATC Training, feel free to come!

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