[Closed] ATC Training @ EDDL

I would like to practice my ATC skills, details below:

Server: Playground
Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Airport: EDDL
Time: June 10th, 18:00 - 19:00 Zulu

Serious pilots as well as feedback afterwards are highly appreciated.
Thank you for stopping by.

I might come so try to spot me!
Name: FedoraPilot

Sorry I’m watching the opening of the EC

Are you still open ?

You Shouldn’t say enter downwind, when I am remaining in the pattern.

Hey! I was that cessna 172 today, you did a good job! just one thing that you might have noticed yourself: when i called for touch&go the first time, you cleared me immidiately, but there was a boeing 737 (i cant remember which one it was exactly) just 2 NM away from me on final while i was still on right base :3 so next time you might wanna ask me to follow that aircraft since that aircraft was way faster and too close :3333 good job over all :3

That is the reason why I am only online till 19:00 Zulu.

I saw you! Thank you for your feedback and your participation. Wasn’t sure if I have to give you an instruction.

Yes I noticed it. Sorry again, I tried to solve it by giving the Boeing the instruction to go around but it didn’t worked. Will keep it in mind for the next training. Thank you for your feedback.

Actually, I am not sure if I saw you. There were two or three other pilots with network issues but I cannot remember their names.

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