[Closed] ATC Training @ EDDL at 19 Zulu

Server ATC Playground
Region Amsterdam
Time 19 - 20 Zulu

Hey Pilots :)
I like to train on Playground for my ATC license. I need some recomments/feedbacks from you. So come to EDDL and fly with my Tower instructions. I hope you can help me :)
I will do ATC for one hour.
Thanks for helping and happy landings :)

I will stop by and do several touch and goes. Corp 211.

Thanks Tom :)

Is that in like 3 hours from now ?

is that london?

No its Amsterdam Region ;)

ok thank you

E g. 21 CET

ok here we go

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I’ll do some patterns


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That is now isn’t it?

No In 40mins ;)

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Now Online :)

Caught up doing something now, it’ll be closer to the end if you’re still on

No need for LUAW. No traffic for either of us

Transition a little high since no traffic in the pattern. 3000-3500 would have been better. Perfect pattern entry tho when I was over head

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Also for an inbound aircraft requesting touch and go, clear for the option but tell them to make right or left traffic. You don’t have to tell them for each T&G, but when they switch rwys like I did . Clear for the option and make Left or right traffic . Over all nice job. Don’t forget you must Always sequence ALL aircraft .


Thanks for your help !

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