Come and fly at this airport, I am currently open there.

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Nice job! Some feedback:

  1. Wait for an aircraft to request take off before giving a line up / take off command. You were right, I was remaining in the pattern. But it is best to know for certain.
  2. When changing runways, you have to give a new pattern instruction. Then clear after.
  3. Anticipate separation. I was in an a380, meaning you could have anticipated Sam was going to be clear of the runway before I started my take off roll. So instead of the line up command, a takeoff command only would have worked.

I hope to see you in IFATC soon :)


Thanks for the feedback! I will look to improve in this things.



Nice work controlling. @Reedgreat has pretty much covered the feedback I had for you. Have you been in contact with a IFATC Trainer or Recruiter yet?

Callsign: JQ 99 21


Thanks for coming! And no I haven’t contacted yet a IFATC

I suggest contacting one of us. You have great potential.

ATC Training Team

Sam Keast
IFATC Trainer


still open?

No Im closed now, but I can open again if you want.

I’m not able to come this second, but I can come soon so could I tell you?

No problem, reopening again.

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roger that! I will come when I can

Due to network problems I can not reopen again, sorry for the inconvenience hope you make it to my next training!

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