[CLOSED] ATC Training at KSRQ Open Now [TS1]- SoFlo Region

This was kind of a spur of the moment thought. Feel free to come do some patterns. Serious pilots only. Not looking for any fools. I don’t plan on being open for very long. Just looking to get a few planes to follow instructions in the pattern. Open for about 30-35minutes or so.


On my way in an SR22.

I’ll be there in about 10-15 minutes, just wrapping up a flight in Expert

This will be interesting with the server losing connection every so often. 😒

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Is it my device, or is anyone else brieflyloosing connection and then regaining it a couple of seconds later?


Going into a “slip” for this landing.

Alright, here’s my feedback:

  • In my clearances, you said “after the option, make left/right traffic” multiple times, which is not needed if I had previously done the same pattern. I, as a pilot, should know which traffic to make based off of which pattern I just did.
  • You gave me a “turn base” command, which isn’t really needed unless you’re trying to squeeze me into a line of arrivals (or patterns like that).
  • You cleared me for the option and told me to make right traffic after I had reported I was on right downwind with a full stop.
  • Exit runway command was given after I had exited the runway.

Overall, you did a good job; you did a great job using sequencing. You just have a few small things to focus on. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Great job! :)


Excellent. Thank you for the feedback. Its really helpful. As for the exit runway, I agree that I should have initiated the command a bit sooner. I realized that it was to late after I saw you on the taxiway. The thing that I know that I need to work on is remember which aircraft is where. I will definitely take your critic into account in my next controlling session. I appreciate the help. 👌🏼


Sorry I saw this and got in late. Looks like you had a lot of planes.

Thanks for those that came out. I appreciated the help. Like I said it was a short little session. Just wanted to get a basic feedback from a few people. Turned out better than I expected. Not always a bad thing. Sorry if I left abruptly. Got the information that I needed.

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Pretty good job, except if you wanted to be more realistic don’t clear a 747 to takeoff from a 5000 foot runway ;)

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It really picked up when you spawned in. It was good time.

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Things got hairy there with one plane doing patterns on 14 and everyone else on 04. Had a near collision and had to modify some of my legs. I would have denied his request to change to 14. Otherwise, good job.

Awe man. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I’ll be sure to come next time! Hope your controlling session went well. :)

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