[Closed] ATC training at KSEA bizzare technical difficulties.

Region: Seattle, WA
Server: TS1
*Recording in progress for training purposes, recordings will not be shared. I only use this to look over mistakes I may have made places where I need improvement :)

Preparing for the practical test very soon. Come practice patterns and of course your feedback is welcome :)

See you in the sky! Don’t hold back!


I’ll be up there in about 10 minutes in a Dash.

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Awesome man thanks I appreciate it

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Coming now good luck

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Awesome thanks I appreciate the support

I left early because I’m not feeling well. You did good however there were a few mistakes made.

  1. I requested takeoff and then you told me I was not cleared to enter the runway. I’ll admit that I was on the hold short line with my nose wheel slightly past it, but I wasn’t technically on the runway.
  2. After I pushed back a little, I had to request takeoff again for you to clear me. Once you see that the plane has taken off and is out of the way of other departing planes or an arriving plane has vacated the runway, it’s your responsibility to clear the plane waiting for takeoff.
  3. There was someone taxiing to the runway and wasn’t even there yet when you sent them the on guard message. You should only do that as tower for planes on the ground when the plane is at the hold short line and is first in line for takeoff and they’re not on tower frequency. However, pretty much everyone on expert server switches to tower frequency when they are first in line so that shouldn’t be a problem, but still wait to send them the on guard message until they reach the runway and are first in line.

Other than that, good job and good luck on your practical test!

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It is not nose wheel that has to be behind the line. The whole aircraft has to be behind the hold short line. He was not out of line to say not cleared to enter runway.


Hi @RTG113,

In response to #1 any time your aircraft is beyond the hold short line that’s called a runway incursion and you are considered on the runway. I believe you can see this demonstrated in Tylers tutorial.

Other than that the server or something kept going down and planes were turning white on radar and I sent the wrong message lol. Sorry to that person. Thanks for coming out man your an amazing pilot :)


I didn’t get to fly with you at ATC, but I did notice a couple thing while sitting on the ground.

  1. You sent an on guard warning to contact ground when the pilot was still in the air.
  2. If someone is preforming aerobatics and being a nuisance like that, don’t just let them do that. Send them an on guard warning, and if they get on your frequency, then try to direct them to be civil, if not, send the more warnings.
    Other then that, good job and good luck on your test.
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Lol that guy irritated me. Sorry to break my own rule but when I glanced I saw this and sent the guard warning from ground. Thanks though I am hoping to try again in a few at my home town air port KEWR

Thanks for your encouragement at @777-200LR


Once I got so frustrated with someone and spammed them with “please follow instruction” command - I know I shouldn’t but I was sooooo mad!

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Lol I understand that. we as ATC need to maintain a level of professionalism on the servers. We have to remain calm under pressure.

I took this training session seriously and I was disappointed and discouraged by that users behavior. It seemed very intentional. So I had to pull the plug and take a step back. Reset and I opened another session somewhere else :) I definitely understand your frustrations :)

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