[closed] ATC Training at JFK

Region: New York
Server: TS1
*Recording in progress for training purposes, recordings will not be shared. I only use this to look over mistakes I may have made places where I need improvement :)

Preparing for the practical test very soon. Come practice patterns and of course your feedback is welcome :)

See you in the sky.


i will come and do patterns for you.

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Thanks you I appreciate the help :)

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I won’t be able to be there but happy controlling!

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Unknown aircraft call me

Aircraft are appearing white and I can’t talk to them lol this is so frustrating I have a screen shot

Yes, I was number 1 for takeoff and I called and you cleared the aircraft behind me, was that your intention?

It’s a known issue, you have to work around them

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Yeah I can’t talk to people for some reason. this is so weird. I apologize to everyone.

It was nearly every plans except like two

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Other than that, very nice job handling the workload, I am also trying out for the IFATC and I think you should be fine, just remember to sequence every aircraft immediately as they remain in the pattern and if you are going to clear them for the option, that their sequence is permanent

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The Unkown airplane is a issue more and more common and very annoying…

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Everybody did a great job working around this problem even though you didn’t know it was happening. I’m sorry and I seriously thank everyone for their time, support, and patience. I thought it was just me.

Is there anyway to get it fixed? That would suck on my practical lol.

When you clear for option after takeoff you don’t tell me to make right traffic unless you have given a runway change or I am inbound for a touch and go

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I think it’s apart of the prompt to say left or right traffic after you stated you were remaining in the pattern. If you wanted a runway chang I would give you a pattern entry, sequence, and clear.

good job controlling, there were a lot of traffic and moments of disconnect (sorry) but you did really well! good luck for your test!

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No you should have just cleared me for the option as I took off from that runway so I’m already in the pattern and I’m going to naturally make right traffic. If I was inbound for touch and go then yes I need a right traffic or left traffic when cleared. With a runway change issues a pattern entry then clear me with right or left traffic.

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