[Closed] ATC Tracking Thread - @Marshall_Hilfman

Closed at the moment, come back soon.

Come join now at KCID for some ATC, please don’t bring anything bigger than an A321 as it isn’t realistic!

Nvm, appears my phone doesn’t wanna connect with cell rn.

Open now at KORD, likely until 1545Z!

KORD is not a good option for an Session because nobody will hear you because many noobs. But i come for some T&G’s around.

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Lol true. I’ll do CID again next time.

My game crashed… rejoining

If your giving feedback public is fine!

I did kinda horrible lol

Hmm some good and some things you have to be better:
1.You let me taxi to runway 10L nearly the only one who was red, red dont means that its closed but you have so many green runways at KORD…
2. I was waiting after the takeoff for an “number 1 cleared for the option” but also an base ther came nothing, after i say you my postion you cleared my on short final. That have to be wayss earliyer.
3. After i request runway change you give me the right pattern instruction but again no clearance!!!
4. A exit runway command would be nice after i landed but its not a must be.
But thx for the service.!!

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I suggest a airport like TNCM or something on that scale (1 runway) as that is the kind of airport that you want to master your skills at. Then move to higher things

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Hey thanks so much, just a question but how do I give a runway change clearance? The only command it gives is “unable”.

I’ll take more consideration into wind next time. Likely I’ll use KCID.

After i request for a runway change the 1 step is to give me a pattern instructions for the new requestet runway if needed with a sequence after that you cleare me for land/ for the option.

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@Dennis_preuss was the one who left feedback last time so it would appreciated now 👍

Keep only one tracking thread Marshall.

It’s been more than 2 months since its creation. He can’t edit it anymore :)