[Closed] ATC tracking @KMCH

I will be operating ground and tower at KCMH for an hour on TS v2. I am currently open 20:20 EST, and will end operation at 21:20 EST.

Please PM for feedback

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I’ll be there! Are you allowing pattern work?

Edit: My username is IFDude

I am allowing patterns

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So sorry, I hit the runway poorly.

Hi Man! Make sure to place OPEN/CLOSED in your title accordingly to avoid confusion :)


I’m spawning back, but in a Cessna Citation X.

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Sorry, I had to go. You did a very good job! 10/10

Thank you for letting me know

I need more practice at it with multiple people occupying the traffic patterns. Someday I’ll take a shot at the IFATC test!

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I’m sure that after enough practice, you’ll become a part of the IFATC!

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