[CLOSED] ATC tracking @ KJFK

I will be posting areas i am controlling at the time so feel free to drop by!

Im not quite feeling tired yet so if there is a specific airport anyone would like me to control at feel free to let me know.

Hey, by coincidence, remember that N260CW guy? That was me! Was just looking at the list and saw the airport had active ATC, so I gave it a shot, then found this.

Thanks for stopping by, it was a slow night but it was nice taking a break from the bust airports and having the occasional rush hour traffic.

Im re-opening at KONT if anyone would like to fly by that would be greatly appreciated!

Can you come to KDFW in 2hrs

I would probably wait in a few hours to actually get active people… The Virtual Summit Event is currently lasting all day and half the community is currently flying! Just a tip if you want some really good feedback from a lot of people. Maybe in 7 hours I can drop by, lol

sure i will try unless someone beats me to it.

I know they are doing an event, but regardless i dont want to get into that mess rn so ill just relax in my remote corner of control

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LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Seems like the flight may be early. Now it’s saying 49-45mins

okay ill see if anyone else drops by and if not ill head over there

Ok sounds great Thanks.

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Still going strong just switching to KDFW!

Thank you very much. Just started my decent

Is this on Expert or TS1?

ts2 im not sure how to change to TS1

no problem, cant wait to see you down here

There is no such thing as TS2…I am guessing you are on TS1?

sure then haha sorry im new to this but i control a lot so itll be realistic hopefully

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@flyme2bluemoon You are too high