[CLOSED] ATC (tower, ground) EGBB

Hello, i’m right now ground and tower ATC at Birmingham (EGBB). I think i’ll be there for quite a while, so i hope to get some feedback as i’m applying for IFATC. Hope to provide you good ATC service and see you there.

UPD: closed at about 19:30 zulu


I’ll spawn in. Cya there 👍

Crap, I had to go. I thought the ground was good. Instant response to requests and you made nice use of the change to Tower command. As well as the “no intersection departures” for that violation heavy A380". He wouldn’t have been able to take off from there honestly. 😂

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Thank you for your feedback! It really means a lot to me.

To not spam with topics, i would now say when i’m live as ATC in this tread

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To get some good practice I would recommend an airport with multilple (parellel) runways. It enables you to practice some extra instructions.
KSCK, KONT, EDDL to name a few.

Thank you for your advice. I had some kinda sceme at KPSP, where turboprops and little jets (if good headwind) go to 31R/13L, and others go to 31L/13R.

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