(Closed) ATC Session TS1 @ KSEA - 140300ZAPR17

Server: Training 1

Region: Seattle, Washington

Airport: KSEA

Time: 0300Z

Hello guys,
Us TS1 ATC controllers would like to treat all of you to another ATC session where you can trust the ATC. We will be opening Seattle Tacoma, home to Alaska Airlines. If you’d like, please head out in an Alaska paint job and do some flying in the Seattle region. The airport will be staffed up through departure for sure and possibly Center if we can get our center controller in.
Any questions please do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

Controllers and Frequencies
KSEA Ground: @Ben with display name of “IFC Ben”
KSEA Tower: @Infinite.flight with display name of “IFC InfinFlight”
KSEA Approach/Departure: @Kevin with the display name of “IFC Kevin”

The reason we give you this information is so you know who to talk to if you don’t understand or don’t like a command given you.



If you have any questions about times or controllers please feel free to contact me or any of the other controllers. Enjoy.


What is the date for this event ?

The 14th of this week.

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Might pop in for a flight.

Ill definetly pop by just its a little late where I live so only for a bit.

No worries. I’ll be handling me some tower so you’ll get to say hi :)

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Haha sounds fun ill make sure to be there.

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I look forward to it.

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Count me in for the event 😉

I might try to also open either KPAE or KPDX for the event 😊

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I would love to come! Unfortunately I don’t have a aircraft with a Alaska air skin so I will have to use my embaer air Canada

Also this is all don’t though game correct?
No need for team speak?

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There is no speaking involved no lol. You just hop in and do some work.

Hello might be able to pop in for a couple mins not so sure though. Anyway I hope you guys have a fun time. Seattle is one of my favorite regions


Come on down tomorrow (or two days if it’s early morning where you live) at 0400Z and test our skills. Please make sure to follow all instructions.

What time is this central time? I might come depending on the time.

You mean like mountain time?
It is 10pm for Colorado, 9 pm for Western Coast, and 12am for Eastern Coast

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Oh, thanks. I think I’m busy then but I’ll try to squeeze some time in to come.

I hope to see you down there. Remember to always follow instructions ;)

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Do I have to have a ALSKA paint job if not I’ll be there

Course not. I just said that becausecwe will be in Seattle

Is it tomorrow and what time PST?