Closed...ATC Screen Question, again...

Hello all,

I had another set of hopefully quick question regarding the ATC screen.

– Screenshot taken from the (awesome) ATC training video so I did not blank out the name. Plus those are some nice stats to be given credit.

  1. What is the degrees in the red box? I rarely see anything other than 3 or 0.
  2. The speed is ground speed correct?
  3. Is the altitude MSL or ASL? I would think MSL from what I have observed but wanted to make sure.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

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1)That’s supposed to be the heading, but it never worked properly.

2)Yes the speed is ground speed


  1. Heading (buts it’s always wrong)
  2. Yes, I think so

Great. Thank you so much.

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Its heading, grouped according to Math tables of 60
1 - 60 for 1 deg…
Something like that, @Dr_Z can explain

Yes I believe dush nailed it. 1-60 1 degree,61-120 2 degree or something of the sort.

What I haven’t understood, is why. Why would you have headings grouped by 60’s??