[CLOSED] ATC request @ YSSY

ATC services are kindly requested

At 0109z I commenced my journey from EGLL>YSSY, a first for a generally short to mid haul pilot.

I am currently 661nm out of Sydney with an ETE of just over 01:16hrs that would make an arrival time of around 2000z at YSSY on TS1.

This is ideal practice for any TS controller who is looking to develop their approach and tower skills in preparation for that leap into the IFATC arena.

Thank you in anticipation.

This is my first time (despite rank) of requesting ATC, I do apologise if this isn’t the correct way to go about it.

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Post it here, somone will be there 😉.

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Thank you to @Ryan_Vidad for your kind offer of service!

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What server are you on?

Oh sorry I just saw it said training server what’s your call sign, I’m currently atcing yssy tower

Hi Jitty, that would be Speedbird 22 heavy. See you shortly!

I am the current approach Jitty…

Oh nice! Ok see you then guys

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When Im saying descend maintain 3000 im telling you to hurry up and maintain 3000 before you have to execute a missed approach

Recognise that you put me into the approach at 20,000+ - Anyway, your doing a great job!


Thanks guys! Down at Sydney.


Still need that ATC? No? Make sure to put CLOSED in your title.

Beautiful Picture By the way, 777-300ER.

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Time was indicated in post, changed to closed though, cheers.

And thanks man, lovely set of wings…

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