(Closed) ATC Practice, TS1 EGBB right now. Come keep me busy!

Looking to practice some sequencing, feel free to drop by!


Would come but not sure I can right now. How long will you be open? I maybe can in an hour?

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Not sure, at least an hour. All depends when my wife gets home…

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Lol, okay. Will pop in when I can, if I have the opportunity.

Ok, i will post when im closing so you will be updated

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Easy 39
Airbus 320


I didn’t do patterns, but I think that you did well


Thanks, nice quiet session

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Closing it down… Thanks to all that came by

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Couple of comments…
You gave pattern entry a few times for aircraft already cleared for pattern work. Once you say cleared for takeoff make left traffic, no need for pattern entry on subsequent circuits.
I got no exit runway command on my final circuit.

Keep up the good work.

Okay. So just sequence, then clear for the option, right?

Sometimes i run into an issue with the last circuit. In that perticular instance (which is very common) I cleared you for the optuon before you requested anything since you were doing multuple patterns. Does the pilot normally have to call out for a full stop to announce the end of their pattern work? Or is it up to me to watch their speed on the runway?

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I took your shift lol

Awesome, it was nice and calm. As long as it stays that way, when people spawn in to do some pattern work you shouldn’t get too cluttered up. If I didn’t have to get some sleep I’d come do some patterns

How you rate my landing I was Avianca 581

Ah, didn’t realize that was you! From my vantage point, it looked really smooth. But I keep the camera about 500-700ft above the airport for ground traffic purposes. So I can’t see much small detail lol

Lol thanks I tried but I was a bit low on the glide slope but it was smooth.

Sorry man I couldn’t attend your last session…

Too busy😒

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As Gary said, when someone takes off remaining in the pattern, they are already in the pattern. There is no reason to give them another pattern entry. It would be like telling them to enter a room they’re already in, if I can stretch an analogy to the limit.

Regarding the last circuit, it doesn’t matter. They’re still in the pattern, and clearing for the option covers landing. So there is no need for a different clearance. If you’ve already cleared them for the option, and then they notify you of intent for a full stop, no need for a second clearance.

Sometimes pilots will call inbound for landing on their last circuit, in which case they’re doing it wrong.

As Tim mentioned, the pilot can opt to report position with full stop, but it’s not required. To answer your question, you do need to keep an eye on his speed, and if you think he’s exiting, you should give him the exit command, even if he hasn’t reported full stop.

@GHamsz @Tim_B. Got it, thanks guys!

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