[CLOSED] ATC Practice session @ YSCB TS1

Please come to YSCB to help my friend with sequencing. Please comment below if you’re coming. My friend cannot control too many people. 3 MAX.

If you’re coming, please make sure you know pattern work. Just come and do touch n goes, nothing too complicated for him plz! Thank you


Attending 1: @Louis
Attending 2: @Aussie_Wombat
Attending 3:


Coming now in my A320!

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Sorry. Someone took YSSY, go to YSCB

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I’ll go! Count me in! :)

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Little concerned about 2 things:

  1. You never sent me any instructions and yet you sent the message “please follow instructions”.

  2. I was never on the runway and you sent me the message “you were not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway”.

Other than that : Great!

I was Qantas 2.

(P.S. Ihad to leave after just one touch and go because dinner was ready :)

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BTW. This isn’t me. It’s my friend

Oh yeah I forgot, who is he? (Username)

He’s Earl1
He doesn’t come here often. Ugh! He’s so annoying 😂

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I’m sure he’d like to see that comment!🤣

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