[CLOSED] ATC Practice @ KVNY

Hello everyone! I will be doing ground and tower at KVNY in the SoCal region on TS1! Come and stop by so I can improve my skills.

(Constructive criticism is appreciated)

See you in the skies!!

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No need to tell me to contact tower, it’s in the taxi clearance. :) also, only tell me to enter runway when I contact you. I’m not ready to line up and wait yet.

My bad, also you disappeared from my radar.

I need pattern entry instructions, all you did was clear me, not tell me where to go.

Edit: No need to call my base either. Calling a base is usually used for spacing.

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I’m sending duplicate messages because you won’t give me instructions to taxi to the runway. Also, you called my base way to early.

You needed to be specific with your message. If your saying, “Requesting taxi” and you just landed, ground will think you want to taxi.

If I wanted to taxi to parking I would’ve requested taxi to parking. ;)

Alright, my mistake.

Only to tell me to enter a base as pattern entry. Never call my base when I’m less than 2 NM from the runway.

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I need a landing clearance; Entry, sequence, clear!

We have a grade one who is going to land an A380 in 16R.

Then deny him entry. You control the airspace.

I will be calling your base, I do not want a runway collision.

KVNY tower is now closed! Good day to everyone!

There’s only going to be a runway collision when you clear us both to land at opposite ends of the runway. You need lots of training. Please contact a trainer:

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Do you understand how the trainers work? You take and pass your IFATC written then train with a trainer to take the practical, you don’t just contact one to train @Ksisky

(this is what I’ve been told, I tried to contact a trainer but they told me this)

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I was unaware, but I can understand why you would have to take the written first. @LAHockey I was unaware of this. If you would like to do more practice sessions like this, I would be more than happy to help you on your path. :)

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