[Closed] ATC Practice @ KTPA - 2330Z - ATC Playground

Opening Ground & Tower at KTPA (Tampa Intl, South Florida Region), today, 23:30Z
Make sure to stop by, make a few patterns and share your feedback after the session.
See you!

@IceBlue @Benny87654321 @Samuel123abc @CJ12 @cordes @Captain_Skywalker @Cayler @scandinaviangroup @B767fan @hmkane


Nice work! It’s hard to say much because there wasn’t many planes in the pattern but good job, just remember to clear for the option each time because I had to make a go around once, apart from that very good :)

Sorry for the short stay, it’s quite late so I rushed this in (hence the terrible landing)

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OK thanks for finding the time!

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Good job copying my post :D
Really guys, it takes maybe 2 minutes to make a new one, have we become that lazy?

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@BavariaAVIATION I tried to tag you to tell you but I couldn’t tag more then ten people. (Well technically you couldn’t)

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