[Closed] ATC Practice @ KTPA - 1830Z - ATC Playground

Opening Ground & Tower at KTPA (Tampa Intl, South Florida Region), today, 18:30Z (1,5 hours from now).
Make sure to stop by, make a few patterns and share your feedback after the session.
See you!

@IceBlue @Benny87654321 @Samuel123abc @CJ12 @cordes @Captain_Skywalker @Cayler @scandinaviangroup @B767fan @hmkane


Are touch and goes ok?

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I would have love to come! But it’s in the Seattle region, which I don’t have :(

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Still thinking about a change to KPUB or KTPA…

I think I go for Tampa.

Wish you’d stayed with KPDX.

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Nah I prefer KTPA for some reason.

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Where are you? There’s no active ATC

Isn’t 18:30Z in one hour?

Oh yeah my bad, I’m used to it being the same as UK time :/ our clocks went forward an hour this morning


Unable sorry, maybe next time?

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I’m still confused as well…

Zulu has not been switched but other time zones have. Zulu basically moved one time zone further to the west.

Oh god, this zulu switch is gonna drive my head in…