[CLOSED] ATC practice @ KSSC on TS1

Come and join me on Training Server 1 at KSSC.
Open for pattern work (of course) and arrival/departure.

Feedback is appreciated

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You’ll never get anywhere with that attitude. The controller serves the pilot, not the other way round. It is your job to cater to what the pilots want.

Corrected. Thanks for the comment ;)


@Ismael_C I’d recommend you staying longer, so more PPL will see your station open and pass by :)

Try opening for longer than 7 minutes if you want people to come - at least 30 is best


I know but I had to leave (I have a life)
I’m sorry

No problem, but you still have to make sure to have more time opening a station to do an ATC practice. If you had stayed longer, I would have passed by (and some more) ;)


I totally know. But something unexpected happened so… Sorry. I’ll be sure of that (even more) next times ;)


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