[closed]ATC Practice @ KSSC - 2000Z TS1

Practicing my ATC skills as in my previous sessions! Again feel free to leave your comments and advice as before!

Hope to see you there!


John Gerard Killeen
Student Pilot ~ Sligo Aero Club

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The pros;

You took the advice of Oli onboard from before by utilising the “Line up and wait” command for the aircraft behind me. I intentionally delayed takeoff to see if you would, and you did.

You also took my advice before about exit commands- You issued one rather promptly this time, which was nice to see.

The cons;

You still gave me pattern entry instructions even though I was remaining in the pattern, like I said before, just use sequencing, and then clear. (You were right to do this when I requested a runway change to 04R though)

You didn’t actually clear me to land on 04R after telling me to enter left downwind. I imagine this just a simple mistake however.

You should clear aircraft to cross only the active runway. I deliberately asked to cross 22R instead of 04L, which was probably a bit mean, but hey it caught you out ;) You should have responded with a clearance to cross 04L.

Again, you provided a good service all in all, well done.

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This isn’t really important, it won’t fail his test alone.

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Better he knows than he doesn’t, right?


Yea the pattern entry was a genuine mistake! I was kicking myself when I seen what I done! But never the less! You were technically closer to 22R but I know the correct way was 04L but again thanks for coming andATC is still available for those interested!

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Not a problem, anytime John, I’m always happy to help.

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Just pop back on for two seconds and have a look at this guy!😂

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Some guy kept trolling me!😂

Are you still at KSSC now? I don’t see anyone in the region?

Yea my internet glitches now and then I’m still there!

The troll is still there😂

Unless there’s someone reading this willing to spawn in and report him then there’s not much we can do, we need 3 people…

I tried to report him but it doesn’t let me as my controller rating is inadequate.

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