[Closed] ATC Practice @ KSSC - 1300Z TS1

I’m Practicing My ATC skills at KSSC for my practical exam! Feel free to leave your thoughts after the event or any advice you guys would like to give!

See you there!

John Gerard Killeen,
Student Pilot ~ Sligo Aero Club


I’d love to come but I’m busy atm, anyways good luck😁

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Good work. A little something that I picked up on was how you told me to “enter left downwind” as part of my sequencing. When I takeoff and I am “remaining in the pattern” that means that I’m technically already in the pattern, hence why there is no need to give pattern entry instructions. They are for inbound aircraft. Just use the sequencing by itself.

Also, you didn’t give me an exit command, but I exited the runway quite quickly to avoid a go around for the aircraft on short final, so I suppose you didn’t really have much of a chance.

You done very well though, thanks for the service!

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Hi, few things to clear up (IFATC-TFS Oli H)

Firstly, you must not clear another aircraft to takeoff for whatever reason if there is traffic on or on short final. You cleared me to takeoff while there was still an aircraft on the runway. You must wait even if they are on a touch and go… Use the line up and wait instruction more.

Next thing, which isn’t so serious:

  • If an aircraft has already received a pattern entry for that runway, there is no need to repeat it on every clearence.

  • Pattern instructions are not needed for a pattern aircraft. The “pattern” is literally a circuit around the airport, no need for directions if it’s the same runway. The only reason for a ATc to give pattern instructions to a pattern aircraft is if they request a runway change. (Which you did nicely, followed by you clearing with a new pattern entry, well done on that)

  • Add-on: slow down on the commands when it came to the parking and crossing. Wait until I cross before than clearing me to taxi to the park.

Throughout the session myself maybe other pilots even you may have noticed the bug which wouldn’t let us hear or see your sequencing instructions.

Anyway I wish you all the luck and hopefully we could see you soon in the IFATC team. Cheers have a good day!


@JGK00 are you still controlling? I can come for a round or two…

Mates…feedback via PM🤔

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Nice working with ya @JGK00

Quick question…“I’ll call your base”…what exactly does that mean? Do I just continue my pattern work and only change course unless you say so?


It means that you should only turn onto the base leg of your pattern when the controller specifically instructs you. It’s usually so the ATC can provide adequate separation between aircraft.

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OK…and if you end up outside the airports airspace?
Do you assume ATC has forgotten about you and take corrective action or do you continue flying off in to oblivion? 😋

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They shouldn’t forget about you, not on the expert server anyway. If it’s blindingly obvious that something has gone wrong and the controller has completely forgotten about you, then just report your position, that should serve as a reminder.

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Appreciate all the feed back! For the pattern I just need to sequence and clear for the option and not include the traffic flow due to you guys knowing the pattern!

So when an aircraft departs for its first circuit, I do not need to tell them to enter left/right downwind so all I need to do is either sequence them I.e number X traffic to follow is on X or clear them for the option and not include the traffic flow?

Also apologies for the late response! I noticed though that a few people were back taxiing without prior permission which I only realised when an aircraft was on the runway! Fortunately no aircraft was on final!

Ground I also understand! I will slow it down a bit but if holding short of a runway it’s easier to request crossing first then taxi to parking! That way the controller doesn’t have to worry about the two commands for one request but I’ll work with either!

Also I noted one or two not requesting taxi clearance after requesting pushback! Please request taxi clearance after completing your pushback so we can keep track on the ground traffic, don’t forget we have both air and ground traffic and can’t be everywhere at once!

Other than that, a smooth session and I look forward to another one! Thanks to all who came and hope to see you guys next time! I’m going to keep a lot of the sessions at Shaw AFB for now! Those from IFATC know why!

Regards and happy landings,

John Gerard Killeen,
IFATC Trainee,
Student Pilot ~ Sligo Aero Club

Yep, no pattern entry instructions needed in this scenario.

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No, cause you told them already,
Flight xx, runway xx clear for takoff, make right/left traffic…that’s enough…you only tell them to enter downwind/ base /straight, AFTER a runwaychange or an request…and surley for incoming aircraft…

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Cheers guys appreciate that! I might give this another go this evening at around 2100Z I’ll post another event for it anyway!

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