[Closed] ATC Practice @ KSRQ - 1700Z

Opening ground & tower at KSRQ (Sarasota - Bradenton Intl, South Florida), today, Sunday 17th, at 17:00Z (in one hour and 15 minutes) on ATC Playground.

Make sure to stop by and share your feedback after the session.
Give a rating here as well:

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@MarioWHVGER @cordes @Benny87654321 @IceBlue @The_simulation_nerd @Cayler @Samuel123abc @CJ12 @hmkane @Captain_Skywalker

See you!

I don’t think I can come. I’ve got baseball

I’ll try to be there.

Opening now.

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See you, I am test flight 1.

Damn! If this was in a different region I would have come. Enjoy controlling! :)

Coming right now

Tower and Ground now closed.
Thanks to anyone who came, give a rating in the top post and share your feedback down below here.

@tranquil_skyflyer didn’t see you.

Couldn’t make this one sorry

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