[Closed] ATC practice @KSFO on training server

Any help much appreciated! All feedback will be taken as constructive👍🏻

I’ll come. See you there. What station are you?

Few tips:
NEVER allow access to a closed runway (wind)
I entered the runway without permission. (I meant to do that) Tell them to exit the runway if that happens.
Overall, Good Job, B+

The active runways switched. Also as a ground controller I don’t have an exit runway command. Anyways thanks for the feedback👍🏻

No problem man. I switched to tower before I entered the runway. Anyway so, your welcome.

Lol just saw your from Marietta

Why did you point that out?

I live in Dunwoody! You fly outta PDK?

Yes, my lessons are there

Sweet me too! That’s so weird😂😂😂 what’s the flight school?

centennial aviation academy, you?

Omg no way😂😂😂 u fly for Rohan too!?!? I’m dying rn😂😂😂

I’m starting lessons this year. I went to the camp and met Rohan so I’m probably flying for him. 😂😂. Funny how it works, i met someone from cobb county a few days ago in this forum.

Omg that’s actually hilarious😂😂😂 I’ll c u around

Ok then, see you soon!

And hey good luck in lvl 1! It’s a blast

And just curious do you know who it was from Cobb?


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Hmm… Not familiar but it was interesting talkin to ya and good luck👍🏻

Thank you!