(Closed) ATC Practice @ KRSW (South Florida) TS1

Me and @NetJets_Nick are controlling KFMY I’m on Approach and he’s on Tower and Ground.

Now Closed But @Neeson52 will be at KRSW

If a regular can make the title say closed when @Neeson52 is done that will be helpful


And I’m in the pattern in my trusty 208. 😁 You folks should come by and give these guys some practice. They won’t disappoint.


I’m coming to do patterns in the 208, callsign : V-NEO

Actually I’ll hop on Tower/Ground at KRSW


How much longer will you be on? If time allows Im hoping in my C208 and will get some flight time in by doing some Pattern Work.


I think I’ll stay on for about 45 minutes


I’m closing Approach in 5 minutes

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I’ll stay on, @Puncakes can I keep this topic please ? If you do can you please change the title to KRSW, Thanks :D

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Okay I’ll do when I’m done.

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First approach was good. Nice recovery after I passed the cone. No panic. Nice intercept.

Second one…85-degree intercept? 30 or less only. :)

I know you had your hands full with the 388 wanting to land at KFMY, but still. I was going 170 for you.

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Yea it was kind of tight at your angle and I didn’t want to make you go far out also because some traffic

Which one, the second?

That’s where you kind of take stock of how a pilot flies. I was going slow, had already illustrated fluid, manual turns, in a smaller jet. I could have easily made the turn to 020…which of course I have to anyway, so might as well be the one to vector me to it. :)

KRSW now closed, Good day !

Thank you for everyone who came ! It was a fun session !

Kinda regret not being there…


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