{CLOSED} ATC Practice @ KRSW (SoFlo Region) TS1

Good afternoon folks! Ground/Tower is now open. Feel free to stop by and do patterns, or be a transient aircraft. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces out there. 😊


I’m going to try and come over now. Wifi is very touchy right now so don’t expect anything. I’m also on my phone so expect bad landings!
EDIT: Sorry, can’t come as my phone has become a victim of the Google login issue ☹️

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No worries. There’s always a next time.

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Might come in the Super D Callsign:N726JI

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You still open at KRSW

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Still open folks. Come on by! 😉

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@DeerCrusher can you stay for 15 more minutes - I have a routine I like to use to really test ATC’s knowledge

Yeah, I can do that.


Amazing work! I’ve done a few patterns, a fly-by and a landing. Not a single flaw and a good “Go Around” call for @Tim_B when I purposely taxied through half the runway on my landing. Sorry about that one @Tim_B… Except maybe one minor element - when dealing with sequencing, try not to re-sequence planes from 2nd to 3rd position if another aircraft is on the long long final (~20nm), let the #2 first and then the #3. e.g. you told me to make a 360 when I was on base to let an aircraft that was on long long final through. Personally, doesn’t bother me, I like manual flying, more experience for me! :)

Once again, very well done!



It was cool. I fully expected it.

Fantastic job! You did really well, after 2 patterns my hands are hurting alot (Super D doesn’t have autopilot)

I read your advice carefully and If you were #2 then he probably gave you that command because you were to close the aircraft in front of you. I don’t think it had anything to do with aircraft behind you. Try to keep good spacing when you are flying patterns and watch your speed.

He should have told you to maintain slowest practical speed and not the 360.


I wasn’t talking about an aircraft behind me? I was saying I was turning in on the base leg, when an airplane coming from long long final was coming in, and sending a left 360 from a right base puts me head-on with the aircraft on final, hence the aircraft on final should’ve made a 360, or as you suggest slow down.


Ok fare enough. Sorry it sounded like you were riding the tale of number #1 and he sent you a 360 command and sequenced you for #3 behind the “20nm final.”

Thanks for the feedback and those that came out. It got a little hectic there for a few minutes. Not sure who had the close encounter with the GAF aircraft but apparently its a little more challenging when people don’t know the difference between a right downwind and left downwind. 😁 Anyways, thanks again to those that came out.


Overall a good job - I’d give you an 8/10. Firstly, let me apologies for my god aweful flying - I was on a different device and was not quite used to it. Now the actual service:

  • I had to call my own go around at around 200 feet, where a jet was still on the runway. Try to keep an eye out for this - from reading above, it seems like a bit of wrong place wrong time but oh well
  • My 360 - extend downind or i’ll call your base would have been better as my 360 actually put me level with the other aircraft so I had to perform another one to just get back on track
  • Transition altitude is 1000 above pattern altitude ( I think you got it right - but just in case)
  • Great job using the two sides of the runway for pattern work - very well done
  • When I said “full stop” the reply of Roger was appropriate - no need to reclear me, as I am already cleared for the option. Don’t worry about it - this is a very common error.

Either way good job ,especially with so many aircraft there, - just work on those points and you will be IFATC in no time!


Anyway, yeah, you try to get your pattern guys in first for obvious reasons [touch and go in front of a full stop is better than the inverse]. When someone on final is going 240, you slow them down, or if they’re 20 miles out, give them the 360, not your guy on base or your guy on downwind.


Appreciate it Tim, and @Wren_Jago. Thanks for the feedback.

I wish there was a command when someone reports “right downwind” to say “no you’re not”.

You also needed a “downwind is not up the cone directly at oncoming traffic” command.


I have a feeling you were the other aircraft that was on final and he was headed directly to you. lol. To be honest, I was actually looking for a command that would notify him that he wasn’t on the assigned downwind leg.